Your best Paradiso Pizza in Midland, Western Australia

The best Paradiso Pizza at the Midland Gate Shopping Center, established in 2009 and has quite loyal customers. Paradiso Pizza with enthusiasm brings the most familiar flavor to everyone.

You will not be able to find the second-best pizzas you expect in Midland, Western Australia. In our opinion, the most important type of pizza is the Homemade Pizza Crust, to create the best pie, we have to put the pizza in an arch-shaped oven with a temperature of 650 degrees C or higher. You absolutely can see our processing when eating at the restaurant, that’s the difference and uniqueness. Specialist, thick or thin crust depends on your preference, we completely make for your option.

Next, we devised a dough recipe that meets the oven in our very own way. In addition to the virtuosity of kneading the dough, creating the softness of the crust as well as 100% hand-made working, along with an extremely quality coating, with a layer of pure olive oil & undergone a few work Small recipe makes our pizzas which you enjoy extremely attractive.

Founded with the dedication to bringing Pizza Paradiso to everyone in this Midland, so of course the price is also a special factor that helps people always remember us. With a reasonable price in Midland, we are happy to be able to bring you the best delicious pizzas with all our enthusiasm inside.

Remember the last but not least, we are located at Kiosk KK001, Midland Gate Shopping Center (274 Great Eastern Hwy, Midland WA 6056), you can call +61.8.9250.3355 (Mr. Kevin Lao) to order in advance and come get it immediately. Contact us now!


We are working on new menu, please call direct hotline for your order. Hope you can understand. Thank you.

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